February 2016

Importance of Building a Working Culture

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When we talk about aspects of what makes an organization a good place to work, the primary factors most of us take into account are brand value of the organization and compensation paid to employees. Most managers and senior professionals in    tend to believe that these two elements are sufficient to attract talent to their organizations. However, one of the most important things that we often fail to give due importance to is the work culture,  which often plays a deciding role in retaining and binding people to an  organization.

Much like character – good or bad — defines a human being; work culture is what  defines an organization. Work culture is an intangible eco-system that makes some places great to work and other places toxic. It might be invisible, yet it is all pervading and reflects clearly in each individual. Essentially, it is a reflection of the values and norms that are followed at a workplace and define its personality. In a nutshell, the ideology of an organization is what constitutes its work culture. It affects or defines the ability of
the leadership and employees to relate to each other for the common good
of the organization and operate within a mutually agreed and
acceptable boundary of cultural values and emotional interface.

It is  widely understood  that a positive ambience can make or mar your performance, be it school, college or workplace. No matter how talented and smart you are, you can work to the best of your capabilities and creative skills when you are surrounded by an encouraging environment that values human resource. This is why work culture is so important in bringing out the best from your employees even in adverse circumstances. Negativity not only kills creativity and will to perform but also does not allow an employee to develop a sense of affection and ownership with the organization. Human beings are fundamentally simple and a positive work environment impacts the way they
think, act and reflect.

Let’s dissect why it’s important to build a good working culture:

Workplace is where you spend more than one-third of your lives. Naturally, if your employee is happy and content at work, it will reflect in his overall personality and growth as a human being. The collective impact of a good work environment is much more than increased productivity and employee satisfaction. The impact is on the overall personality of people who work for the organization.

Can you be loyal to a workplace if you hate it?

Do your employees wake up every day and look forward to a day of work or do they drag themselves to the workplace counting days to the weekend? Do they feel the same ownership and dedication towards the organization as you do? Only a place that values human resource, treats employees with trust and instills a sense of confidence and cohesion among the workers can achieve the former.

Employee incentives and appraisals might not always be enough to motivate an employee to work for the best outcome for an organization. Sometimes in extremely challenging circumstances when a collective endeavor is required to save the day for the organization, it is the love and affection employees feel towards their workplace that turns out to be a decisive factor. An organization whose employees have a deep sense of loyalty and ownership towards their workplace is an organization that has a long way to go. . An employee who loves his/her organization will spread the goodwill and will be instrumental in attracting good human resource to the organization.

Good work culture is key to retention

A study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training a few years back concluded that an alarming 54 per cent of Indian employees were somewhat dissatisfied with their jobs, sending out a strong signal that organizations need to initiate  proactive measures to sustain engagement and improve satisfaction. Contrary to common belief, compensation and appraisals are not the only factors that bind employees to an organization for a longer duration. Whether the employee feels happy and satisfied in his/her work space is another crucial determinant. A dissatisfied employee who feels haggled by the daily questioning and accusations by seniors, and backbiting by colleagues will be the first one to look out for another job opportunity, even if he/she is being compensated well.

Apart from encouraging seniors and supportive colleagues, other factors that make an organization a good place to work include respect for employees’ private space (that is displayed by a policy of not disturbing them on off days unless absolutely urgent), respecting their right to avail leaves, and encouraging them to take up new challenges and opportunities at work. Work culture is important for the organization as it directly impacts the ability to attract and retain talent. A positive workplace is reflected in the positive work relationships which exist at the work place; the concern and genuine care for each other. A positive workplace will have a higher degree of employee engagement – as employees respond positively and actively to organizational initiatives. A negative work place will be reflected in low energy and detached work environment with employees operating in insulated silos.

A good workplace is where employees watch each others’ back

Much like a compatible  spouse makes your family life happy or dissatisfied, good colleagues make your work life endearing or difficult. While to some degree the behavior of employees towards each other depends upon their individual nature and characteristics, a lot of it is defined by how the organization shapes them up. A new employee who enters an organization and watches a culture of cohesion among workers, where all employees helps each other, will automatically imbibe these values in his/her daily life. On the contrary, an organization where back-stabbing and squabbling is the norm, any new employee will adapt to these traits. A good work culture is one which encourages employees to behave like a family and watch each others’ back. This culture can only be built by pursuing ethical role modelling values and walking the talk. The onus lies on the leadership as their behavior gets magnified and replicated many times over. Showcasing and rewarding positive behavior reinforces the intended behavior and directly influences the culture of the workplace.

Good work culture attracts talent

Not only does a good work culture helps retain the organization’s well-trained and experienced human resource, it also helps attract new talent. In today’s connected industry space, it is not difficult to know the internal working environment of any organization. The most vocal and credible ambassadors of the same are current and ex-employees. A happy employee will spread around the word very effectively and be instrumental in attracting talent to the organization. People today are constantly looking for change and new opportunities in search of a happy, satisfied and balanced work life.     
-Mr. Rajeev Bhardwaj, Vice President heads the Human Resource Department of SunLife Financial Asia Service Centre.

The budget reaction from Brigade Group, Mr.Om Ahuja, CEO, Residential, Brigade Group and Mr.Vishal Mirchandani, CEO, Retail and Commercial, Brigade Enterprises Limited

Vishal Mirchandani

Mr.Vishal Mirchandani, CEO, Retail and Commercial, Brigade Enterprises Limited

          This budget clearly outlines the Social Economic development agenda of the Central Government with relative fiscal discipline which is good.

          Good infrastructure development plans announced along with planning budget penetration to rural areas. We see a boost to roads, railways & rural development.

–          Rs 25000 crores recapitalisation of PSU Banks may prove to be less as this year will be the year for cleaning up balance sheets across the board and we may still see some negative surprises in the sector. However the plan to soon propose a roadmap for consolidation of PSU banks and setting up of Bank Board Bureau headed by Vinod Rai is positive and shows that action is being taken on the subject. So in essence, the budget is providing short term boost as well as a structural road map for this important sector.

–          Almost all negatives have been avoided like Long term capital gains tax, service tax etc.

Real Estate positives :

–          Increase of HRA deduction at Rs 60,000/- , this is a broad based benefit.

–          First time home buyers of homes less than Rs 50 lakhs to get higher interest deduction of Rs 50,000/-.

–          Affordable housing sector has been identified for benefits on both cost and sale fronts in the development process.

–          Extension of benefits to SEZs until 2020 provides time to realize associated benefits.

Government has announced a good structural approach to the country’s budget, it is now important that interest rates are reduced and private sector investment is accelerated.

It would have been better if the budget had made some positive provisions for home loans which would have made a significant positive impact on the economy.

Budget reaction from Mr.Om Ahuja, CEO, Residential, Brigade Group

Mr.Om Ahuja

“Overall a good budget when it comes to balancing multiple challenges economy is facing and maintaining fiscal discipline. Retaining fiscal deficit in 2015-16 & 2016-17 at 3.9% &  3.5% without compromising growth oriented initiatives like growth of rural economy, agriculture and farmers welfare, infrastructure development & boost to employment and growth is highly commendable.  With multiple new taxes, cess, taxing dividends in hands of investors over Rs.10 Lacs on the one side and undeclared income disclosure scheme & multiple reforms in tax dispute resolution framework on the other side reflects the Government intent to bring better environment for “ease of doing business” & attract FDI for “Make in India” initiative. For Real Estate Industry, few key initiatives are a welcome step. Overall the budget for the Real Estate industry is positive with three key initiatives:

Common man – Smaller benefit for common man, deduction for additional interest of Rs. 50,000 per annum for loans up to Rs. 35 lakh sanctioned in 2016-17 for first time home buyers, where house cost does not exceed Rs.50 lakh.

Affordable Housing – (1) Service Tax Exemption on construction of affordable houses up to 60 square metres under any scheme of the Central or State Government including PPP Schemes,  (2) 100% deduction for profits to an undertaking in housing project for flats upto 30 sq. metres in four metro cities and 60 sq. metres in other cities, approved during June 2016 to March 2019 and completed in three years (3) Extending the excise duty exemption, presently available to Concrete Mix manufactured at site for use in construction work to Ready Mix Concrete will help the industry by reducing the input cost. 

REIT’s now a possibility – Exemption of Dividend Distribution Tax for distribution of dividends by SPVs to REIT & INVITs will now make REITs  a possibility in India. This will help the industry in creating newer avenues for raising capital and capitalizing the income yielding assets. Investors in India will now have a new attractive asset class to build long term wealth with regular income.

Few industry expectations like increasing tax deductions for common man for housing loan interest and easing liquidity for the industry were missing but few initiatives rolled out making affordable housing industry growth will now see mission “Housing for All ” a possibility in India.”

DDT exemption on REIT will be a game changer for the real estate sector. Mr Surendra Hiranandani CMD, House of Hiranandani

Mr Surendra Hiranandani

The budget 2016 outlined the shift in focus to the rural economy as the finance minister introduced a slew of taxes and cess to be imposed on services to help rural welfare programmes. It also reflected the government’s concern and priority to improve the investment climate with a view to stimulate growth. The massive push for improvement in infrastructure including outlay for roads, railways and development of smaller airports to improve connectivity will benefit the real estate sector in the long run. The abolishment of DDT is a welcome move and will put the REIT structure in India at par with global standards. REIT listing will soon be a reality. The finance minister also announced certain other measures to bring investment into the real estate sector, while giving special emphasis on affordable housing, few long pending demands of the real estate sector were not met in the budget. Industry status to the real estate sector, single window clearance, tax concessions on home insurance premiums are some of the measures that could have significantly boosted the sentiments in the sector.

I have listed below few key points offered to the real estate sector by the government in the budget.

Removal of Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): DDT has long been one of the biggest hurdles that made REIT financially unviable for Indian commercial stakeholders. Removal of DDT (tax levied on the dividend paid to investors) will result in a rush of investment in REITs and this could prove to be decisive for the sector. This will help developers raise funds and will also effectively address issues pertaining to transparency, liquidity and execution of property developments across the country, that will spur growth in the future.

Boost for first time home buyers: By introducing an additional interest deduction of Rs 50,000 on home loans not exceeding Rs 35 lakhs, and the value of homes not exceeding Rs 50 lakhs the budget has given some reason to cheer to the first time home buyers.  This could boost demand for housing in smaller cities where the cost of ownership is on the lower side. However, this will make little or no difference if one is buying a property in any metro city in India where housing prices are significantly higher. So, the relief will not make any material difference to the sector.

Modernization of land records under digital India initiatives: The government has provided Rs150 crores for modernization of land records which aims at ushering in the system of providing online access of land details and plugging of loopholes. This is a welcome move for the sector as the integrated land management system will not only increase the transparency in the whole system but will also expedite the process of land acquisition and enable holistic growth.

Tax deduction for construction of affordable housing:

The service tax exemption for developers focusing on affordable housing with unit sizes not exceeding 30 square meters in the larger cities and 60 square meters in the smaller cities is definitely a positive move and will encourage private participation as well. This will increase profits making it easier for the developer to attract foreign and domestic investments in housing projects. It is in line with the governments vision to boost affordable housing. It will be a challenge though for developers to deliver in the three year time frame given the lack of single window clearance for the projects.

Tax relief on HRA: The increase in reduction limit from  Rs 24,000 per annum to Rs 60,000 per annum is a welcome move and will give the much needed push to rental housing across major cities in India. It could also boost demand in the long run.

Hafele unveils its Paradigm range of wire baskets ‘Stellar’ along with inspirational showcase of products by Slido, Blum and Vauth Sagel at India Wood 2016!


MrJÜRGEN WOLF,Managing Director,Hafele India

Häfele, the world leader in architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings introduces its range of wire baskets ‘Stellar’ along with this showcasing the products by Blum and Vauth Sagel. Häfele brings to you some unique product offerings that effectively use the space in your kitchen – be it in the form of an unused corner, wasted gaps under your countertop and blind edges that leave no or little room for accessing cabinets.

At India Wood, Experience these functionalities first hand and you are bound to see some exciting concepts that can change the way you look at kitchens. Häfele displays some never-seen-before innovations in sliding systems for wardrobes, also CORNERSTONE from the house of Vauth Sagel and Legrabox free from Blum.

Stellar – The New Standard for Wire Baskets by Häfele: 

image description

A classic drawer option, a perpetual favourite and the preferred life-long kitchen partner to countless Indian household; it’s time for the highly anticipated unveiling of Häfele’s New WIRE BASKET Range at IndiaWood 2016. The new range mirrors Häfele’s philosophy of functionality, sophistication and exceptional technology.

Häfele’s New Wire Basket Range works on Blum Tandem Runners with built-in Blumotion for seamless drawer transitions. The entire range has been carved out of Stainless Steel 304, provides extreme durability. It also guarantees easy assembly and provides unique 3D adjustments for the fronts. The range is available in three width options: 450, 600 and 900 mm and three height options: 100, 150 and 200 mm with a standard depth of 500 mm. These wire baskets are complemented by our new range of compatible organizers for Thalis, Plates, Cup and Saucer and Jars/Bottles. This products comes with a life time warranty.

Slido- Häfele sliding systems DESIGN & CLASSIC DUO 80 VF Slido-Hafele Sliding System image

Apart from the many product functionalities available in Kitchen fittings, Häfele displays some never-seen-before innovations in Slido- Häfele sliding systems for wardrobes, at IndiaWood 2016. The DESIGN DUO 80 VF sliding system by Häfele is one such example of a Vor Front application which allows the installation of two or three aluminium framed doors weighing up to 80 Kgs. It comes with an inbuilt double-side soft-closing mechanism allowing for a smooth and noiseless sliding operation. Häfele offers a warranty of 10 years on the DESIGN DUO 80 VF system against faulty manufacturing or operational defects. The same system with all the above specifications is also available for wooden doors under the CLASSIC DUO 80 VF series.

Some other sliding systems that you will find on display at the Häfele booth at IndiaWood are:

  • SLIDE FOLD 50: A unique sliding-folding solution without a bottom track and a folding option for 25 Kgs as well as 50 Kgs per pair of doors. This system comes allows the possibility of combining a soft close hinge application, where required.
  • CLASSIC 60 VF: A Zero overlay inline system with a double-side soft close for smoother closing operations. A single system can be used for varying door widths of 888 mm to 1800 mm
  • CLASSIC 65 VF 18 with E-DRIVE: An innovative Automatic-Push wardrobe system that can work for 2 or 3 door applications. The Automatic closing function activates after 2 minutes of opening.
  • MIXFRONT 70: An Inbuilt double-side soft close system with a mix front application for door weights up to 70 Kgs

CORNERSTONE by Vauth Sagel: Vauth Sagel Image 3

Häfele brings to you an attractive innovation, CORNERSTONE, from the house of Vauth Sagel that will travel a mile to effectively use the space in your kitchen. It is a swiveling system component for corner cabinets that extends the entire contents out of the cabinet when pulled outwards. Here, the travel path is controlled and is confined to the area of the corner cabinet carcass. This offers the advantage that utilizing neighbouring cabinets or the dishwasher, for example, is not impeded.

Other space-optimising solutions showcased by Vauth Sagel are:

  • WARI CORNER: It is your most optimized bet among classic corner cabinets – its user-friendly movement allows easy accessibility where the trays come outside towards you.
  • HSA, VSA and DUSA ARTLINE: These tall units are one of the best options for kitchen storage as they provide large amount of storage space. The ARTLINE series of tall units showcase glass walled inner drawers that add to the magnum and sophistication of your über-chic kitchen.

LEGRABOX free by Blum

Blum Image  2

Introducing for the very first time in India is the second variant of the LEGRABOX series, LEGRABOX free. The look of LEGRABOX free is characterised by large design elements that offer the freedom to individualise the design of pull-outs. No matter whether glass, wood or other materials – the design elements go beautifully with the drawer side, add a touch of luxury to furniture interiors and provide full visibility from all three sides. The new LEGRABOX free design option can be easily combined with LEGRABOX pure, which is extremely practical in kitchens. Both options blend harmoniously into every living area, creating a consistent look for furniture in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.


Euphoria-Concorde Group’s celebration of commitment


Raja Mukerjee, CMO, Concorde Group

The second edition of Euphoria by Concorde Group, celebrated the success and its commitment that it beholds for people, who seek to fulfil their dream of a perfect and apt home. The significance of Euphoria has been very high as it is planned and executed to go beyond real estate landscape and touch different socio-economic, demographic and cultural threads with a larger perspective of community living and for a better future of our society.

Euphoria, this year, was celebrated at one of Concorde Group’s largest villa property – Napa Valley on Kanakapura Main Road. Napa Valley is a villa community spread across 110 acres, offering luxurious living in nature’s harmony at the heart of South Bangalore and is designed and constructed with eco-friendly technology. Napa Valley epitomizes the values and aspirations of Concorde Group, making it the perfect venue for Euphoria.  Napa Valley adheres to the Formula Five construction protocol of the Concorde Group which delivers – high quality, timeliness, less wastage, eco-friendliness and efficient resource utilization.

Celebration of Commitment

Concorde Group aptly called Euphoria-celebration of commitment, as it has accomplished its commitments towards its customers, even during the testing times. Especially, when the sentiments are wavering, due to delay in fulfilment of promises such as timely delivery by industry at large.

Events like Euphoria attach symbolisms which assure customers and bring their faith back.

The grand success of Euphoria can only be estimated by the presence of more than 7,000 people during the two-day-long extravaganza. The visitors and participants included Concorde Group’s customers, their families & friends, well-wishers and curious prospects, who brought in excitement and eagerness to experience  Napa Valley  with a keen eye towards investment and purchase. People from all over Bangalore, especially from South Bangalore were part of this experiential engagement on the weekend.

Tradition with Modernity

Euphoria, this year, was an amalgamation of traditional rituals and contemporary entertainment. The key attractions of Euphoria were auspicious religious rituals of the 150 villas followed by housewarming ceremony organized for the proud villa owners of Napa Valley and an electrifying musical concert by Bollywood singer Kunal Ganjawala, Bhavesh – official RCB drummer and Aurko, a nationally acclaimed musical band.

Since the event was designed for an engaging weekend experience for visitors and their families, it had a variety of activities lined up such as flea market, food festival, quiz, competition, games, workshop etc. The event offered a wide range of options for shopping at the flea market, mouth-watering delicacies at the food festival. A series of quizzes and competitions for igniting the creativity, many exciting games and an assortment of workshops of Art of Living, interior planning, cooking etc. added a new dimension to the personalities of the visitors.

The efficient and meticulous planning by the team from Concorde Group for more than three months resulted into the smooth, peaceful and hassle-free, on-ground management, irrespective of its enormous scale and size.

Euphoria has helped Concorde Group reflect its responsible social perspective, which it has drawn from the eminent and visionary persona of its founding Chairman – Mr. B.S. Shivarama. Mr. Shivarama carries strong values and believes, from his earlier profession of imparting education as Professor, that for a strong foundation of society, it is important to develop children holistically by inculcating right values in them.  These profound values and beliefs have been the key elements for defining activities of Euphoria (especially for children). Children from approximately 500 schools enthusiastically participated in the range of activities like painting, singing, dancing, which were organized especially for them. The whole of Napa Valley was filled with resounding laughter of the children, eagerly taking part in the various competitions with the enthusiastic motivation of their parents and friends.

Green Movements

Many of these initiatives are part of Concorde Group’s existing corporate social responsibility programs such as Akanksha that are aimed at bringing attitudinal change in Concorde Group’s customer family towards green living and developing an eco-friendly culture.

With the benchmark raised at Napa Valley this year, Concorde Group will spread the wings of Euphoria within their projects which are coming up across the city, thus catering to the entire city and paving way for greater success and participation from customers all over the city.

Leading Project Delivery Teams Advance Reality Modeling for Roadway Designs through Simulation of Real Conditions


As Reality Modeling becomes more ubiquitous throughout the infrastructure market, leading organizations are seeking to further advance the presentation of their projects in a realistic digital environment in order to better inform the design process and speed buy-in from project stakeholders.


Bentley’s LumenRT software enables project teams to enliven design models with rich, fully animated environmental elements such as plants, people, water, and weather and then generate attention-grabbing, cinematic quality images and videos with ease. With the ability to import models from all the leading modeling and GIS formats and the ability to share interactive immersive 3D presentations with any stakeholders, LumenRT makes it easy to communicate design intent in a clear and compelling way.


J.D. D’Arville of Alabama DOT’s Design Bureau said, “LumenRT is a great visual assessment and communication tool that is very easy to use and creates realistic Live Cubes which can be used to sell, or generate “buy in” for ALDOT’s projects.”

Kurt Stiles, project manager of the Visual Engineering Resource Group at Washington State Department of Transportation, noted, “The ability to create LiveCubes™ for rapid production of animations and still images is the most important LumenRT feature for VERG. Historically, creating animations and images took considerable time to set up and render out animation fly-throughs. With LumenRT, creating engaging media is now just a few clicks away, a workflow advantage almost unheard of in civil infrastructure visualization work,” he said. 

As to the speed and quality of the immersive visualizations that can be developed with LumenRT, Mr. Stiles added, “In addition, the LumenRT content is very diverse, accommodating, and easy to integrate into the 3D model. The trees are so realistic and the 3D people add a lot of context to our civil visualizations.”

Image links:

Captions:  Alabama DOT, Washington State DOT

Indian Concrete Institute, Karnataka to organise 7th National Seminar cum Deminar on “Concrete Admixtures & Waterproofing Systems”

Dr. Aswath M U – Chairman, ICI Karnataka Addressing Media

Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) a professional registered organization was established on 7th September 1982 to create awareness about concrete, its advantages and usage in construction. There are more than 4500 engineers and architects associated with this organization till date. Headquarters in Chennai, ICI is actively rendering its professional services across 30 centers across India propagating the best practices in concrete technology.

ICI – Karnataka (Bangalore) Centre is one of the major active centers which has a unique distinction of conducting several educative programs each year for professionals and engineering students. To start with, this year ICI is organizing its 7th Edition of National Seminar cum Deminar and Exhibition on “Concrete Admixtures and Waterproofing Systems” on 25th and 26th February – 2016 at Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Aswath M U – Chairman, ICI Karnataka said          “Modern day concrete technology is indispensible without Admixtures and waterproofing. Resistance to penetration by water is desirable in all concrete structures, exterior side and also interior side or from within the concrete itself. The technology has evolved over the years and today we can build foundations at sites that were previously impossible or impractical. Our aim is to reach this technology to all professionals and students across India”.

He also explains that “We have arranged for live demonstrations of the latest technology at the venue, this is a huge exposure for the fraternity to get the knowhow and onsite implementation of the materials. An opportunity which can be rarely missed by any professional, we want young engineers and students to take maximum advantage of this seminar”

Er. Kaushik Hajra – Secretary, ICI Karnataka said “This is one of the path breaking initiative by ICI – Karnataka, keeping the present construction scenario and the mega projects coming across India. If we want to protect our concrete structures and ensure it has a long, serviceable life, admixtures and waterproofing should be on top priority”.

Dr. Manamohan R Kalgal – President, ICI, India, who was also present at the occasion, said “We at ICI have one compelling mission to create awareness among the fraternity about the best construction practices available in India. The country is flooded with new products and technology, if it is not reached to the professionals at the right time the entire purpose is defeated. ICI is instrumental in bridging this gap and this will be a mega event for all professionals associated with Infrastructure development.

Er K Jayasankar – Vice President ICI, South India, clarifies that “We have some excellent speakers and companies participating this year, it will be a great brainstorming session and an excellent opportunity for young engineers to interact with professionals. There will be display of latest products available in the market at the exhibition. The participants can directly interact with the manufacturers and the vendors in this event”.

Who should participate:  All engineering and architectural professionals, manufacturers, service providers, students, construction company heads, Infrastructure companies and all those who are directly or indirectly linked to Infrastructure development? Manufacturing companies and their subsidiary service providers make use of this opportunity to show case their products. The Deminar will be first of its kind in India which is very popular among engineers and practitioners to learn through practical demonstration, exhibitions and seminar about new products and technologies.

For Details Please contact: 22224803 / 98452 62955   

Salarpuria Sattva Group Pre-Launches “ALTANA”


The first Premium Gated Community at Vijaynagar Extension, Off Magadi Road

Bangalore, February 19, 2016: Salarpuria Sattva, a leading and trusted name among developers in South India, today announced the pre-launch of its latest Residential Property ALTANA on 19th February 2016.

 ALTANA will be the first premium gated community in the location of Vijaynagar- Magadi Road (extension- opposite the Sumanahalli Flyover) by a reputed builder. The Group proposes to develop 1.6 million sq.ft – approximately 1384 homes in 12 acres of land. This unique opportunity for premium home seekers in and around West Bangalore offers 1, 2 and 3 BHK options starting at a price of Rs.21 Lakh. The Developer has a well established reputation for their high quality constructions, due diligence, on-time delivery and excellent customer relations.

Amenities here include verdant landscaping, high-end outdoor and indoor amenities along with a state- of- the- art clubhouse measuring 30,000 sq.ft.

 According to Mr. Bijay Agarwal, MD of the Salarpuria Sattva Group “Altana is the ideal property for people seeking to make their lives easy and comfortable. This location of Bangalore has a mix of white collar executives as well as established middle class business families, mostly living in independent spaces. ALTANA offers safety, comfort and more facilities that will make their life easier. The best part about this location is the fabulous connectivity, especially through the New Infrastructure, Metro, Nice road & outer ring road within 3-5 kms radius, which makes it ideal place for people to work or reach anywhere in Bangalore, quickly and easily. ”

With this project slated for launch by February 19th, 2016, the Salarpuria Sattva Group has launched 4500 homes in the financial year 2015-16.The developers are known for their high quality constructions, due diligence, on-time delivery and excellent customer relations even after the project has been handed over.

​Ashiana Housing Ltd. organized Valentines Day Celebrations for Senior Citizens

Pic4New Delhi: Picture this! A group of old gentlemen with age group 55-70 years in front of their spouses, presenting her an eternal symbol of true love (Red Rose) looking directly in her eye, and vocalizing reasons for their lifelong admiration devotion, true love and trust in their partners. Sounds unbelievable? Making a difference on Valentine’s Day? Yes, there is a community where about 1500 seniors had a gala time with music, masti and fun on the occasion.

For years, Valentine’s Day is generally associated with young lovers to celebrate their love for each other. While everyone around the globe celebrated Valentine’s Day with much fun and fervor, the Residents of Ashiana senior living made it all the more special. With red roses symbolizing deep and undying promises of love, the evening presented an ethereal feel.

Tipping back from his daily evening walk, 75 years old, Mr. & Mrs Franklin, resident, Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi, looked excitedly across the Activity Center in the community which was splashed with reds and pinks and erupted in a boisterous laugh. “I never thought I would celebrate my twilight years and make new friends at this age, but the activities organized here by Ashiana Housing have made me much more active, and I feel more positive too.

Ashiana Housing Ltd, organized Valentine’s Day celebration for their residents of Senior Living project. The event was organized at all 3 communities in Bhiwadi, Jaipur & Lavasa. It was time for senior citizens to teach the younger generation a thing or two about the lovely spirit and how to have fun.

The theme activity of the colorful evening was fun filled games and best couple Awards. With an aim — to celebrate love and companionship, Valentine’s Day turned into activity-packed day for Senior Citizens. The mood of all the seniors was in essence, one of romance, exemplified in the celebration

Receiving the best couple award of Mr. & Mrs. Utsav, LAVASA – 65 years old, Mr & Mrs. Ganju (1st) said, “Initiatives like these taken by the group motivate us.. Valentine’s Day conjured up images of love, romance, flowers and chocolate, but i believe every day is a Valentine’s Day. “Every day is a special day of my life. I consider my wife as my best companion and I always try to respect and listen to her.

81 years old, Mrs. Romila Arora, resident, Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi recited a very moving and heartfelt poem dedicated to her late husband, in which she thanked him for sharing a loving life with her.

The grand finale was Senior Citizens walking on Ramp to add to the fun and gaiety of the occasion.


A right blend of nostalgia and paean to love can do wonders!

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